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I am a normal girl living a normal life. MUSIC and ARTS are the two main things occupying my heart right now. I live my life being an only child. But don't even think that I am a spoiled brat, coz am telling you right now that am not. My parents may have given me things that i want but they don't always listen. I also don't care of what people think about me, I LEAD MY LIFE! I make my own decision, I do my own actions and I take every responsibility for it. It may sound rude but its the truth. I would not even care even if you think and want to believe that i am stupid, bitch, selfish or anything. Believe me I would not even bother to make you realize that you are wrong. I just leave you alone, to make things easier for both of us. But I say this now... I AM SELFISH! (what is mine is mine) i know what is mine so people should know theirs too. I don't act like my age. I act like a child! I smile and laugh at the silliest thing but i also cry because of the stupidest thing. And if you think I am the kind of 'what-you-see-is-what-you-get' person... well its a NO! you have to know me better.

One major thing that you should know about me is that I am a FANGIRL! I've been a fan of J-pop since 2008 and a fan of NewS since October 21, 2008. NewS is my favorite J-pop group and they are irreplaceable. They are the reason why am i here right now. Though i put the blame on TEGOSHI YUYA the most! If not because of him i would not know NewS, i would not be into fandoms, and i would not be here in this kind of fantastic place. Another thing is that I am also a K-POP fan. I am a proud E.L.F since February 2009. I blame myself for watching SJ-M MV of ME and U. Because of that I met KIM RYEOWOOK and because of him i have found Super Junior 13+2 adorable boys that you cannot resist.

I actually never thought (before) that i would find myself into K-Pop or any other fandom other than J-Pop. But... here i am now lurking, stalking and wandering around in J-pop and K-pop world. TEGOSHI and RYEOWOOK are the baits (obviously) because of their amazing talent in singing and the fact that i have a weakness when it comes to "pretty" faces (especially if its a boy) their voices calms me down. They give me a very relax feeling. Making me realize how important MUSIC in my life. I also love NewS and Super Junior as much as I love Tego and Wookie. They are special so special to me. They bring me joy and laughter. But they can also make me cry.

And before I forget... I am also an OTAKU before i discovered J-pop and K-pop fandoms I am already an otaku! and will always be! :)) I also love to SING, DRAW/SKETCH, READ, and etc.

-- I know this is long... so if you read all of it... thank you! ^-^ if not... its fine :) again if you want to be friends with me please introduce yourself... coz I DONT ADD RANDOMLY!


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